Jogger Attacked By Dog Then Bitten By Its Owner

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A woman from California was arrested after she was accused of biting a female jogger.

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While a dog bite is something most people are aware of, a human bite? Not so much. A woman from California was arrested after she was accused of biting a female jogger. According to a statement issued by The East Bay Regional Park District Police Department, Alma Cadwalader, a 19-year old from Oakland, is in police custody after she bit a female jogger who, in defence, pepper-sprayed her dog.

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According to the police statement, the female jogger was attacked by the dog and then the owner on the Goldenrod Trail between the Chabot Equestrian Center and the Oakland City Stables in Oakland.

“A physical altercation ensued, where the victim was bitten by the suspect, causing significant injury,” read the statement. The official Facebook page of the police department shared pictures of the human bite along with the accused and her dog.

A warrant was issued by the Alameda County Judge after which Cadwalader was arrested. Once the police had interviewed the suspect, she was booked for the associated charges at Santa Rita Jail, stated the police statement.

“It was pretty obvious it was not canine bites but rather human teeth,” police Lt David Phulps told NBC. “In addition to the bite, there was punching, kicking. This dog owner stopped her in her tracks on the trail,” he added. According to the Police, as stated in the news report, the attack by the teenager on the jogger was a “violent response” to the dog being pepper sprayed.

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