Kamala Harris Hits Back At Trump, Says 'Don't Worry, I'll See You At Your Trial'

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Kamala Harris who was contending for the upcoming US Presidential elections backed off from her election campaign and told Trump, 'see you at your trial'

Written By Pragya Puri | Mumbai | Updated On:
Kamala Harris

Democratic candidate Kamala Harris who was contending for the upcoming US Presidential elections backed off from her election campaign after the senator failed to raise sufficient funds for her campaign. After her withdrawal, US President Trump tweeted a critical comment to which Harris replied that she will face Trump at the trial instead. 

Kamala Harris withdraws from Presidential elections

Kamala Harris pulled the plug from her election campaign on December 3, after her she failed at her bid due to a crowd which was least interested in her election campaign. After the withdrawal of the senator from the race of the 2020 US Presidential elections, it leaves behind 15 other candidates who will fight among themselves and challenge Donald Trump. It is a known fact that Harris has always been critical of President Trump and about the impeachment hearing. 

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Trump, after her exist tweeted that he will miss her in the race to be the next President of the United States, to which Harris gave a bold remark and said that she will face him at his impeachment trial intsead. Harris’ withdrawal is a clear reflection of the turmoil occurring in the election campaigns. It highlights the power and potential of the self-funding candidate like Mike Bloomberg, who is a billionaire and the former mayor of New York. His entry in the election campaign pushed Harris to the sixth position according to the results of polls. 


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Harris in her mail addressed to her supporters, wrote that she lacks the funds and the financial resources to continue her campaign for the Presidential elections. She said that she is not a billionaire, who can fund her own campaign, directly targeting billionaires like Bloomberg and activist Tom Steyer. 

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