Kayaker Found Floating Alive A Week After He Went Missing In Everglades, Florida

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Kayaker embarked on a solo kayaking trip in Everglades National Park January 22. He was supposed to come back from his trip on January 29 but did not return.

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A kayaker who disappeared in Everglades, Florida during a week-long solo trip was rescued on February 3, after floating for days in the water, authorities told the media. Mark Miele, a 67-year-old from the Virginia state, was found seven days after he went missing during a kayaking trip in Everglades National Park and did not return.

The Collier County Sheriff’s Office shared a post on social media site Facebook saying, “Mark Miele is a 67-year-old Virginia man who embarked on a solo kayaking trip in Everglades National Park Jan 22. He was due back from his trip Jan. 29 but did not return. Four days later, on Sunday, Feb. 2, Mark’s bag including his wallet and phone washed up on the bank of the Lopez River. Park rangers found the belongings and asked CCSO to assist in a search.”

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A pilot spotted Miele floating in chilled water

The police reportedly used the position data from Mark’s phone to approximate the Virginia native’s location through his most recent coordinates that were logged on January 31. They informed that the aviation unit began a targeted search of the area in order to locate the missing Kayaker.

Corporal Ed Henderson, the pilot who spotted Miele told the media that Mark had been in the water for two solid days and it had been cold. He said that when the team found him, it did not look like he was moving, and the rescuers weren’t sure whether it was the recovery or rescue, but Mark was experiencing hypothermia. He further added that it was hard to believe that he was still alive. The pilot emphasized that if they had reached any later, things would have been different.

The family told the media that Mark was recovering and was stable, and they were thankful to the Collier County Sheriff’s Office, the National Park Service and all of the search rangers, and the Fish and Wildlife Commission who were so wonderful, caring, kind, and a straightforward group of people that saved Mark’s life.

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