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COVID-19: Kentucky Orders People To Wear Ankle Monitor To Ensure Social Distancing

As world leaders are scrambling to contain the spread of COVID-19, Kentucky officials are making people wear ankle monitors to ensure they stay inside.


As the leaders around the world are scrambling to contain the spread of coronavirus and most of the countries have imposed lockdown, Kentucky officials are making people wear ankle monitors to ensure they follow the orders. According to an international media outlet, circuit judges in Louisville ordered two coronavirus patients and one relative of the patient to wear the monitors after they broke the quarantine condition. The new measure comes as the number of confirmed cases in the US are increasing rapidly and several people are refusing to follow the quarantine orders. 

As per reports, On March 27, Judge Charles Cunningham ordered two relatives to wear ankle monitors after they refused to stay indoors even after being tested positive for the deadly virus. A third person was also ordered to wear the monitor earlier this month after refusing to stay inside. While speaking to an international media outlet, Cunningham said that authorities are trying to figure out how to keep people indoors. He further added that by issuing health-related civil orders “is something we’re all feeling our way through”. 

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Amy Hess, the city’s chief of public services, also reportedly said that the house arrest approach is useful when it comes to enforcing social distancing. Hess further called the ankle monitor programme ‘well-suited’ as she believes that it provides a proper amount of distancing. With the help of the ankle monitors, the authorities can monitor activity in a bid to make sure that they are not further affecting the community. 

She also said that authorities would have preferred not to do it all but as coronavirus is spreading rapidly in the city, they were left with no other option. Earlier this week, Kentucky Governor also took to Twitter to inform that the confirmed coronavirus cases had increased drastically. While addressing the daily Capitol news conference, he said that the numbers were comparatively less than before, which is a good thing for the health care capacity of the city. 

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Coronavirus outbreak 

Currently, the United States has the highest number of confirmed cases in the whole world. With more than one lakh confirmed cases, the deadly virus has also claimed more than 6,000 lives in the country. Last month, the World Health Organisation (WHO) also warned the US could become the new epicentre of the deadly disease. 

Meanwhile, coronavirus, which originated in China in December 2019, has now claimed over 53,000 lives worldwide as of April 3. According to the tally by international news agency, the pandemic has now spread to 204 countries and has infected more than one million people. Out of the total infections, 213,135 have been recovered but the easily spread virus is continuing to disrupt many lives. Major cities have been put under lockdown in almost all countries including Spain, and the economy is struggling. 

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