MEA’s Word Web Mercilessly Exposes Pak PM Imran Khan On UNGA Speech

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MEA spokesperson Raveesh Kumar, on Friday, tweeted a map of Pakistan listing the number of times Khan mentioned certain terms in his UNGA address in New York

Written By Suchitra Karthikeyan | Mumbai | Updated On:

Slamming Pakistan PM Imran Khan's negative, petty and threatening speech at the 74th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), MEA spokesperson Raveesh Kumar, on Friday, tweeted a map of Pakistan listing the number of times Khan mentioned certain terms in his speech. The MEA compared PM Modi's many engagements in the US progressing India's development to Imran Khan's Islam-terror centric speech. The MEA stated that Pakistan does not feel there is life beyond jingoism of nuclear war, jihad, encouraging terrorism, warmongering, falsehood, deceit. The MEA also condemned Khan's misuse of a global platform.

MEA slams Imran Khan's UNGA speech

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Here are the list of Pakistan PM's top mentions in his 50-minute long UNGA speech:

  • Islam - 70 times
  • Pakistan -24 times
  • Terrorism - 23 times
  • Kashmir - 21 times
  • India - 16 times
  • Money - 14 times
  • 9/11 attack -12 times
  • Modi - 12 times
  • Prophet -11 times
  • RSS - 10 times

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India to reply to Imran Kahn's UNGA address

In comparison, PM Modi did not mention Pakistan or Imran Khan once in his crisp 15-minute UNGA address. Meanwhile, India will use the right to reply option to Khan's speech, according to ANI. While PM Modi left the hall after his address, an Indian delegate who was listening to Khan's address will reply to Pakistan. PM Modi's week-long US trip culminates on Friday.

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Imran Khan's UNGA address

Addressing the 74th United Nations General Assembly at the UN Headquarters, New York, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Kahn, on Friday, predicted 'another Pulwama' when restrictions in Kashmir are completely lifted. He admitted to Pakistan's backing for Mujahideen and the country's flimsy economy. He blamed India for its current standing at the FATF. He also made an absurd Hollywood reference to defend terrorism, stating the possibility of a terror attack in Kashmir. Curiously, he repeatedly brought up his former cricket career and rambled on for 50 minutes at the UNGA.

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PM Modi's UNGA address

Contrasting PM Imran Khan's 50-minute long speech, India's PM Modi wrapped up his entire speech within the allotted 15 minutes. PM Modi used the global stage to reaffirm India's commitment to fight against terror, climate change. He also showcased India as a global leader in terms of cleanliness, renewable energy, and development. PM Modi also spoke about India's rich heritage and culture, pride in the world celebrating 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and the message behind being elected with the world's biggest mandate.

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