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New York Guv Andrew Cuomo Warns Against Reopening Economy Amid COVID-19 Crisis

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, on May 2, spoke against the gradual reopening of economies in US states and called them 'premature demands'.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo warns against reopeninig economy amid coronavirus crisis

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, on May 2, spoke against the gradual reopening of economies in US states and called them 'premature demands'. He reportedly added that he understood that people were struggling without jobs but "more understanding" of the COVID-19 pandemic was required. Currently, New York state was topping the list of infections with over 319,213 cases. 

According to reports, half of the US states including Texas and Georgia are partially reopening their economies this weekend. Talking about losing restrictions in his state, the Governor said that he would require more information on the pandemic before he loosens the restrictions. Speaking to international media reporters, he added that when people are in unchartered waters, they do not proceed blindly, instead, they use the information and determine action- "not emotions, not politics, not what people think or feel but what we know in terms of facts."

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900 cases every day

He then highlighted that roughly 900 new COVID-19 cases were being reported in New York hospitals daily adding that the officials still did not know from where the infections were coming. Recently, Cuomo released the preliminary results of a statewide antibody survey conducted on 1500 people which showed 12.3 per cent of were previously infected with the virus. The new survey also substantiated the results of another test administered on a smaller sample size which was released ten days ago. The results of the previous tests showed that one in five New Yorkers has had the virus with Broxz bureau reporting the highest numbers.  

The US is the worst-hit nation by the coronavirus pandemic with 1,160,838 positive cases and 67,448 deaths. New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts are the worst affected states. On the other hand, Alaska, Montana and Wyoming are the least affected states. A total of 67,448 have died across the Donald Trump-led nation. 

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