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'Not Going To Be Solved...': US Capitol Attack Investigation Is Unprecedented In Scope

Federal investigators are following thousands of leads to prevent any potential eruption of violence and to prosecute the rioters involved in US Capitol attack.

US Capitol attack

US Federal investigators are following thousands of leads to not only prevent any potential eruption of violence but also to prosecute the rioters involved in last week’s Capitol siege that took the nation by surprise. According to the CNN report, FBI has opened at least 160 case files in just a matter of six days since the outgoing US President Donald Trump’s supporters breached the building. However, officials have now revealed that the evidence gathered till not is “just the tip of the iceberg”.

"And a scale in which we have literally thousands of potential witnesses and a scenario in which we are going to have, I believe, hundreds of criminal cases both filed with our local courts, our superior courts, and through the federal court system," he said, before adding that it was going to be a long-term investigation.

The acting US attorney Michael Sherwin has said in reference to the assaults on the federal law enforcement that "people are going to be shocked by some of the egregious contact that happened in the Capitol". He also informed that there are "a lot of misconceptions" regarding what happened inside one of the most secured buildings of the United States when pro-Trump protesters stormed when during the Congress convened to certify Biden's win. "It is not going to be solved in the coming months," he added.

"So the picture is going to build. I think there's a lot of misconceptions about what happened within the Capitol, and it's going to come into laser focus I think over the next weeks and days," he added.

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FBI releases images of suspected rioters

Earlier on January 10, the FBI even released pictures seeking information to help identify individuals responsible for creating nuisance in the capitol building during the riots and has launched a nationwide manhunt for the suspects captured on camera. Meanwhile, the FBI has even cautioned of planned armed protests across all 50 state capitals and in Washington ahead of US President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration on January 20. According to two law enforcement officials who read details of the memo to AP, the bulletin warned that the protests may start late this week and may go on till the Inauguration Day. Also, as per officials, some of the people are members of some extremist groups.

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