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US: Nurses In Denver Stop People From Flouting Lockdown Rules As Coronavirus Cases Rise

People in Denver took to streets to protest against the lockdown imposed by the government. They faced resistance from nurses who blocked their way

Nurses in Denver stop people from flouting lockdown rules as coronavirus threat rises

Nurses in the US are now being hailed as heroes after they took to streets to stop people from flouting lockdown rules. The United States of America is currently leading the list of infected countries with 8,49,092 positive cases and 47,681deaths as of now. However, despite continuous warnings from authorities and the rising threat from the pandemic, hundreds of people in Denver, Colorado took to streets to protest against the lockdown imposed by the government to curb the spread of the infection.

'Go to China' 

The rule-breakers, many of whom aimed at returning to their workplaces, face resistance from nurses who blocked their ways. Soon, the internet was flooded with photographs and video clips of nurses who gained plaudits from people for their determination to stop the spread of COVID-19. One particular video clip that broke the internet shows a nurse, wearing blue scrubs standing in front of tens of cars as a woman from the leading car starts screaming at him. Despite all the chaos, he seems unaffected. The clip further shows the woman waving a poster that read “Land of Free’ after which she raises her fist from inside the car and yells at the nurse asking him to “Go to China.”

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After the clip went viral, one user wrote, "The biggest irony here is that it's Trump's administration that recommended the very measures they now protest. Keep waving that Trump flag tho" while another wrote, "very intense and powerful capture here. There are wanna-be American hero colours and true American hero’s colour" Yet another commented "Thank you health care providers! Some of us really appreciate your job! Be safe!" Colorado has reported 9,730 cases and 422 fatalities till now. In addition, there are 8,810 active cases in the state as of now. 

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