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Offender Comments On His Own 'wanted' Post By The Police, Here's What Happened Next

Written By Radhika Sarkar | Mumbai | Published:

When the Richland WA police department shared a Facebook post on November 29 about a man wanted by the Department of Corrections, the last thing that they were expecting was a response from the man himself. Anthony Akers, 38, surprised the police and responded to his own 'wanted' post and said he was willing to surrender, writing "Calm down, I'm going to turn myself in."

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Anthony's comment has collected over 4,000 reactions

However, Anthony did not show up as he had promised, and what followed was a mock romance that has gone viral and made thousands of netizens laugh out loud.

"Hey Anthony! We haven't seen you yet. Our business hours are 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. Of course if you need a ride you can call non-emergency (509-628-0333) and we will pick you up," Richland Police wrote when Anthony did not turn himself in.

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"Thank you, tying up a couple loose ends since I will probably be in there for a month. Should be in there in the next 48 hours," he commented

However, when he still did not show up, Anthony, like a true gentleman, posted a beautiful explanation/apology.

"Dear RPD, it's not you, it's me. I obviously have commitment issues. I apologize for standing you up, but let me make it up to you. I will be there no later than lunchtime tomorrow, I know you have no reason to believe me after what I did to you, but I promise that if I don't make it on my own by lunchtime tomorrow I will call for a ride to assist me with my commitment issues. Thank you in advance to your response if you are patiently giving me another chance with us, I know I don't deserve it.
P.S. You're beautiful."

Have a look! 

However, the lawbreaker did not end up at the police station as promised. 

On Tuesday, Richland Police shared another Facebook post - and finally managed to get their happy ending.

"You replied and said you needed 48 hours. The weekend came and went. We are beginning to think you are not coming. Please call us anytime and we will come to you," they wrote.

This time, Anthony actually surrendered. In the comments section of the post, he shared a picture of himself in what appeared to be the elevator of a police station and wrote: "Here for our date sweetheart."