US: University Recruiter Fired For Making School Students Line Up According To Skin Colour

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Oklahoma Christian university admission recruiter was fired after he asked a group of students to line up according to their skin colour and hair texture

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In an unsusual incident at the Harding Charter Preparatory High School in the United States, a university admission recruiter was fired after he asked a group of students to line up according to their skin colour and hair texture. According to reports, the incident took place on February 24 in Oklahoma City, where a recruiter was visiting the school on behalf of Oklahoma Christian University (OC) to hire students.

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Racism in US school

As per reports, a school student who participated in the racist exercise said that the recruiter made them 'play a little game' where he asked students to line up from darkest to lightest skin complexion and the texture of their hair. According to the student, the recruiter told them to reshuffle and rank themselves as per their hair texture, nappiest hair in the back and the straightest hair in front. As per reports, the recruiter from Oklahoma Christian University was addressing students from 11th grade during an assembly.

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After the incident came to light, the Oklahoma Christian University fired the recruiter who visited the school on February 24.

The university in its statement said, "The OC admissions counselor who visited Harding Charter Preparatory Academy on Monday is no longer an Oklahoma Christian University employee.

"OC admissions leadership did not approve the inappropriate activity in advance and has communicated closely with Harding administration since the visit. Admissions staff are scheduled to visit the academy Monday to apologize to Harding students and staff on behalf of the University."

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The Harding Charter Preparatory High School also released a statement following the racist incident that took place inside their campus. The school condemned the behaviour of the recruiter and said, "Our community, from its inception, has valued diversity, inclusion, and a safe and supportive learning environment. We will continue to do so."

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