Peacocks Take Over Miami Neighbourhood, 'terrorise' Locals

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Peacocks have taken over the Coconut Grove neighbourhood in Miami pooping, mating, car scratching, and land devouring, terrifying the residents.

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A group of peacocks have caused havoc and terrorised the local residents of Coconut Grove neighbourhood in Miami. The locals on Thursday demanded that the City Commissioner removes the invasive group that moved in a pack of about 20 to 40 and harrassed the locals. The City Commissioner decided to side with the locals on the issue and the city will relocate the birds.

Andrews Candela, a frustrated local resident told local media that he used to feel lucky to live in North Grove, but the massive infestation of peacocks has ruined the quality of life for him and his wife. So, therefore, he did not want to live in a filthy, dirty peacock land as a hostage to a group of birds anymore.

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Commissioners to relocate the peafowls

According to the reports, the Commissioners have agreed to amend the city’s charter to relocate the birds in order to reduce their brimming population within the neighbourhood. Commissioner Ken Russell reportedly proposed a humane management plan for capturing the birds that are affecting the residents’ quality of life.

The commission, however, did not specify the exact figures of the peacocks that would be relocated, neither did they specify any exact dates for the implementation of the plan, said reports. Commissioner Russell told the media that the birds have caused tremendous property damage.

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Action to regulate the destruction

He said that the peacocks saw their reflection in a car and pecked it with their beaks causing the damage, and he had to take some kind of action to regulate the destruction. However, some residents in North Grove do not want the birds removed and told the media that they enjoyed the bird’s colourful plumage.

Nancy Benovaich, president of the neighbourhood association, Coconut Grove, told the media that there were 60 to 80 peacocks per 190 houses in the neighbourhood. She added that the population is soaring and has spread onto other areas. She said that she has been looking to implement a plan to get rid of the problem for several years now.

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