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Porcelain Bowl Purchased For $35 At Yard Sale Turns Out To Be Ancient Chinese Artifact

A small porcelain bowl was purchased for $35 at a Connecticut Yard sale. It turned out to be a rare 15th century Chinese artifact worth $300,000 to $500,000.


A person purchased a small porcelain bowl for $35 at a Connecticut Yard sale and it turned out to be a rare 15th century Chinese artifact worth $300,000 to $500,000. It is now going to be auctioned in New York on March 17 at Sotheby’s Auction of Important Chinese Art. The auction house experts are very excited to have the ancient chinese bowl in the auction. 

Man bought rare chinese bowl for $35

A white bowl decorated with cobalt blue paintings of flowers and other designs. The bowl is 16 centimetres in diameter. The bowl was made in the shape of a chicken heart and is decorated with a medallion at the bottom. The outer surface of the bowl is decorated with flowers like lotus, peony, chrysanthemum and pomegranate. This bowl is one of the seven such bowls that exist in the world, reported news Agency AP citing the auction house experts. The buyer has bought the bowl for $35 in Yard Sale and had later informed Sotheby's asking for an evaluation through email. The auction house’s experts on Chinese ceramics and art, Angela McAteer and Hang Yin said they get many such emails every week but this was one of the kind they dream about.

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McAteer, Sotheby's senior vice president said, "It was immediately apparent to both of us and is really very, very special". The bowl has all the characteristics like a style of painting, the shape of the bowl which are present in a 15th century period of porcelain. Further, McAteer and Yin confirmed the bowl dates back to the early 1400s during the reign of the Yongle emperor, the third ruler of the Ming Dynasty, and was made for the Yongle court. The Yongle court was known to have ushered in a new style to the porcelain kilns in the city of Jingdezhen, and the bowl is a quintessential Yongle product.

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