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SHOCKING HATEFUL BRUTALITY: Sikh Senior Citizen Viciously Assaulted By Teenaged Goons In The US

Written By Joel Noronha | Mumbai | Published:


  • Septuagenarian Sahib Singh Natt was brutally attacked by unknown assailants during his morning work in Manteca, CA on Monday
  • The perpetrators (both under-twenty) were arrested, charged with attempt to robbery, elder abuse, and assault with a deadly weapon
  • The injured elder was taken to hospital for treatment and has reportedly been discharged

Sahib Singh Natt, a 71-year-old Sikh resident of California, was brutally attacked by juvenile goons on a street of the western-US state's Manteca city while on an early morning-walk on Monday.

The entire incident was caught on the CCTV camera of a nearby house, following which cops were alerted. Tyrone McAllister (18) and another 16-year-old were arrested and charged with attempted robbery, abusing an elder, and assault with a deadly weapon. Singh was treated at a local hospital and later discharged.

The CCTV recording shows the senior citizen Singh walking on the footpath while two young men confront him. The elder man tries to escape, walking down the footpath, rushing forward, while the teenagers are seen following him. Some conversation takes place between them, but it is not yet known as to what exactly the attackers wanted. 

The teens block the elder man's path and he is seen asking them to clear a path. Some argument takes place and one among the two teens in black hoodie kicks the elder's knees. The septuagenarian is seen falling down hard on his head, with his Saffron turban getting off. He then tries to rise taking the support of the ground with his hands.

The same teen strikes out at the elder man's hands, with which he was trying to balance and get up. The senior slowly stands on his knees and tries to defend himself. The teens then move backwards. The black hoodie youngster then strikes again by kicking the elder man hard on his thighs, leaving him again on the ground. This time the elder is believed to be badly injured as he lies there barely moving. The black hoodie teenager is seen taking rounds near the grounded elderly injured, after which they walk off.

They don't go far, however, and Singh is seen shouting out in pain, at which point the black-clad attacker comes back running, kicking him thrice on his abdomen and spitting at him. The teenager then runs away.

As per reports, one of the suspects, Tyrone, is a son of a local Police Chief who condemned the incident also supported his son's arrest.

The Manteca police said the incident was being investigated and could be charged as a hate crime.


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