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SPOTTED: Massive Alien Ice Disc Spinning In The Middle Of River Is Mesmerizing The World, Video Goes Viral

Written By Daamini Sharma | Mumbai | Published:

A massive spinning ice disc is attracting global attention after appearing in the middle of a river in the US. Footage recorded using a drone shows the sheer size of the ice disc in the Presumpscot River, Maine city of Westbrook. The circle, which has drawn crowds, has a diameter of around 300 feet, according to local media reports. The drone footage taken by marketing and communications manager for the city shows the 100-metre disc spinning in the counter-clockwise direction.

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Mark Battle, a physics professor, told the newspaper that the circle’s rotation is probably powered by the river current. The local council posted the video to its Facebook page, telling followers: “It looks like the moon has landed in Westbrook.” 

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“The ducks were rotating on this big Lazy Susan,” Mr Mitchell said.

This type of phenomenon occurs when a pile of slush freezes or a piece of ice breaks off from another and begins to rotate. As it turns, hitting rocks and water, the sides are shaved down. Locals said they have seen smaller ice discs before but nothing like this one. 

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