Four Teen Surfers Rescue Drowning Swimmers In Northern California Ocean

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The teenage high school soccer players were riding five-foot waves last week when they heard cries for help from about 100 feet across Trinidad State Beach.

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Four teenage high school soccer players were surfing in the Nothern California ocean when they saved two inexperienced swimmers from drowning. The four friends were riding five-foot waves last week when they heard cries for help from about 100 feet across Trinidad State Beach. According to reports the two brothers aged, 15 and 20 had been out for fun on Veterans Day with four family members when they ventured too far into the ocean and a rip current swept them away into deep water. 

Dillon Cleavenger, a lifeguard and trainer for California State Parks told an international media outlet that the four friends, Narayan Weibel, Spenser Stratton, Taj Ortiz-Beck and Adrian York surf regularly until dark together after soccer practice. As soon as the boys saw two heads dipping in and out of the cold weather they were quick to react. Weibel, Stratton, and Beck quickly swam over to the drowning brothers while York swam to shore to get a bystander to call 911. Beck helped hoist the younger brother on his board while Stratton and Weibel together helped the 20-year-old. After reaching the shore the teen friends also made sure that the brothers were still breathing. Cleavenger said that he was proud of the four boys as they have also been through the lifeguard programme. Stratton, the 16-year-old reportedly took part in a summer junior lifeguard programme while Adrian York,16, is a certified lifeguard. 

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Boys praised for bravery

The two inexperienced swimmers were wearing T-shirts and shorts. Weibel reportedly said that being out in the cold water without a wet suit is like taking ice-bath and the water was a chilly 51 degrees. Cleavenger who responded to the 911 call reportedly said that if the four boys weren't quick to react the two would have definitely drowned as people get hyperthermia and drown in this cold in seconds. Cleavenger praised the boys and hopes to honor them at an awards event soon. The proud parents of the boys also added that they have raised their sons to be respectful and mindful in the ocean and are glad that they were at the right place at the right time. 

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