Texas: Doctors Remove Tapeworm From Man's Brain After Months Of Headache

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In a shocking incident, doctors in Austin, Texas, US have discovered that a man who was suffering from headaches for months had a tapeworm in his brain.

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In a shocking incident, doctors in Austin, Texas have discovered that a man who was suffering from headaches for months had a tapeworm in his brain. According to the reports, the doctors said that this incident is "rare and truly extraordinary". Gerardo Moctezuma was suffering from headaches for several months which he thought were due to tensions and stress. But when he visited the Dell Seton Medical Center, he was shocked to find that he had a rare brain infection. When the doctors performed an MRI scan on him, it was revealed that the man had a rare brain infection caused by a parasite.

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Doctors successfully remove tapeworm

The origin of the parasite is still unknown but Gerardo believes that he could have developed the infection because of eating undercooked pork in Mexico. Doctors suspected that the tapeworm had been developing inside his brain for more than a decade. Dr Jordan Amadio, a neurosurgeon at Dell Seton said that they think it has been growing inside his brain for over a decade undetected. The doctors have removed the tapeworm from his brain by successfully performing surgery and the man is reportedly said to have recovered from the surgery and is back at work. 

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700 tapeworms found in man's body

Similarly, a man who had consumed undercooked meat was found to have 700 tapeworms in his brain, chest and lungs.  After showing symptoms like headaches and seizures, Zhu Zhong-fa went to the hospital after a month where he found out that his body was infested with tapeworms that had already damaged his internal organs. The doctors could not immediately diagnose, so he decided to get help from the First Affiliated Hospital of College of Medicine, Zhejiang University. A doctor from the department of infectious diseases was then brought in to try and diagnose Zhu and perform a medical check.

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