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Tim Scott's Presidential Dream: Bringing The Most Conservative, Pro-life Legislation In US

Tim Scott said that if he were to succeed Joe Biden as the next POTUS, he “would literally sign the most conservative pro-life legislation” possible.

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Deeksha Sharma
Tim Scott

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For the United States, a president like Tim Scott in 2024 would mean a conservative legislation so powerful, it could squash whatever's left of abortion rights in the nation. In a recent conversation with NBC News, the South Carolina Republican Senator asserted that if he were to succeed Joe Biden as the next POTUS in 2024, he “would literally sign the most conservative pro-life legislation” possible.

Scott, who is eyeing a 2024 presidential campaign, did not overtly state his stance on banning abortions after six weeks of pregnancy. However, he did affirm that he would implement the most stringent laws that could get through the US Congress. “If I were President of the United States, I would literally sign the most conservative pro-life legislation that they can get through Congress,” the 57-year-old said.

“I’m not going to talk about six or five or seven or ten [weeks]. I’m just saying that whatever the most conservative legislation is that can come through Congress,” he added. Furthermore, Scott admitted that he is a staunch proponent of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, a landmark decision that safeguarded abortions in the US for almost five decades.

Tim Scott slams Democrats for supporting abortions 'up until the day of birth'

Reiterating his pro-life stance, Scott said that he would even consider federal legislation if that is what it takes to stop Democrats who support abortion procedures  “up until the day of birth.” “If it requires federal legislation, and it appears it will, to usurp the Democrats radical view allowing abortion to the last day of pregnancy, we will stand in the gap and not allow that to happen,” Scott added. 

But the chances of a conservative pro-life legislation emerging in the US next year are bleak, as a poll conducted by Winthrop University poll of South Carolina Republicans found that only 7% are likely to support Scott. Topping the poll was former US President Donald Trump at 41% support, followed by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis at 20% and Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley at 18%. 

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