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Trump Returns To Political Stage, Says 'Biden Has Had The Worst 100 Days In US History'

Taking to the political stage for the first time since he left office, America’s 45th President Donald Trump, on February 28, addressed a crowd of Republicans.

Trump returns to political stage, says Biden has had the worst 100 days in US history

Taking to the political stage for the first time since he left office, former US President Donald Trump, on February 28, addressed a crowd of Republicans and his supporters at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). In his blistering speech, he not only targeted “radical” Democrats and fake news, but also lampooned Joe Biden for subjecting the country to ‘cancel culture’. “Joe Biden has had the most disastrous 1st month in the history of the US President,” he said as he pointed out to his “extremist” policies.

Amidst cheers of “We Want Trump”, he also dismissed the rumours of him starting his own party highlighting how it could divide the Republican votes. Instead, he said he would, as a Republican, continue fighting to ‘Make America Great Again’. His speech only excaberated the intra-party differences and highlighted the fragility of GOP, which is now divided between supporters and non-supporters of the leader. 

Terming Operation Warp Speed as “breathtaking,” he highlighted that under his administration the world got two COVID-19 vaccines along with other therapeutic treatments. “It would have taken five years for any other president, but I did it in nine months,” he said. However, he lampooned Biden and health expert Anthony Fauci for their increasing measures to encourage face masks.

‘From America 1st to America last’

He also blasted Biden for “selling American children to teachers’ Union” referring to the President’s move to keep schools closed. Trump said that “keeping children locked in their houses” was a scandal of the highest order, he called on the incumbent administration to open schools “now”.

He also slammed Bide Administration for defunding the US-Mexico Border wall, calling it a “self-inflicted security disaster’. He then said that Biden’s decision had made way for “new and horrible crisis” at the southern border. In addition, he also slammed the administration for opening country’s border for refugees from across the world stressing that mass exodus has risen by 10 per cent under Biden.  Trump also said that Biden’s move to rejoin WHO, Paris Climate Accord and initiate a dialogue with Iran was nothing but a “horrendous surrender”.

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He also said that Biden was anti-energy slamming his policy of harvesting solar energy and called him out for nixing the Keystone Pipeline which could have allegedly created over 42 thousand jobs. Trump took the opportunity and said that the Democrats were aiming to sabotage the 2nd Amendment of the US constitution. The former leader concluded his speech by talking about the controversial transgender athlete case. “Joe Biden will destroy women sports” by forcing girls to compete with biological men,” he said referring to Biden’s support for transgender.

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