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John Bolton On Republic: Trump's Ex-NSA Tells Arnab 'Biden Knows Any Terror Act from Afghanistan Will Finish Him'

Stressing that Taliban can't be trusted in any matter, big or small, John Bolton said it's time to bear consequences of Aghan crisis with Pakistan at its top


The Biden administration's execution of pulling out troops from Afghanistan was so badly bungled, that it has put the US in a conclusively worse position to deal with terrorism emerging from Central Asia, Former US National Security Advisor John Bolton said on Friday. Donald Trump's former NSA added that America has made a number of mistakes in the past, but President Joe Biden's inability to see the Taliban instantly coming to power has left the Pentagon in great difficulty. 

Speaking on Republic Media Network's primetime debate with Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami, the former US NSA in the Donald Trump administration opined that terror groups around the world were greatly encouraged by America's departure from Afghanistan, putting the US and its allies in a dangerous position than before.

"I think terror groups all around the world have taken great heart from America's departure. Whether Pakistan or Iran, America, and its allies need to take great precautions against further terror threats. Biden knows if there's any terrorism act coming out of Afghanistan, it's over for him," said Bolton. 

The former NSA added that for many years after 9/11, notwithstanding America's understanding of Pakistan developing nuclear bombs, or its fear that Pakistani terrorists would come to control them, the United States has gritted its teeth and tried to deal with the country on an equal footing. "However, after the Biden administration's latest actions, Americans and their allies need greater protection as they are not safer today," said Bolton. 

Stressing that the Taliban cannot be trusted 'in any matter, great or small', the former NSA said it is time to bear the consequences of the Afghanistan crisis with Pakistan at its top. Bolton also termed Biden's move of hastily withdrawing troops as a 'typical approach' by the democratic parties to world affairs. 

"I would never give the Taliban any assistance. I don't think the Taliban will comply with any of their agreements. We should never have found ourselves in this situation and especially not in the way Biden did it. We have crossed another divide here," said Bolton, lamenting the Taliban crisis. 

Kabul Airport Blast: Biden promises revenge

The former official's statement comes after Afghanistan witnessed a deadly suicide blast at the Kabul airport on Thursday, while US evacuations were underway in the war-torn country. The twin bombings near the international airport in Kabul have reportedly killed at least 95 Afghans along with 13 US troops, as stated by American and Afghan officials. The responsibility for the attack has been claimed by the Islamic State of Khorasan Province (IS-K).

Following the attack, US President Joe Biden pledged retaliation and completing the evacuation of Afghans. He promised to take revenge for the deaths of US service members and Afghans who died in both attacks.

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