Twitter User Changes Name To 'Bernie Beats Trump' After US President Retweets His Post

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Twitter user changes his username to troll US President Donald Trump after he retweets his post to 'Bernie beats Trump'. US President still hasn't noticed.

Written By Aanchal Nigam | Mumbai | Updated On:

As the United States Senator Bernie Sanders wind the New Hampshire primary on February 11, he hailed his victory saying it is the beginning of the 'end for Trump'. However, while Sanders is now becoming the frontrunner for Democrats, the Republican US President Donald Trump was reportedly relatively quiet about Sanders success. However, Trump has said in the past he would rather face Sanders in the presidential race for 2020 as 'Bernie has real followers'. 

While Trump did not tweet about Sanders, he targetted other Democratic candidates in the race for White House including Mike Bloomberg, Elizabeth Warren, and Pete Buttigieg. In the same Twitter spree, the US President retweeted a post by a man whose Twitter handle was 'Cancel Sam' which was Trump's photo with Bloomberg with a hashtag 'Bloomberg is a racist'. Trump had posted most posts which are in line with his views, similar to the one including Bloomberg. 

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However, what seems like a prank by the Twitter user because he then changed his username to 'Bernie beats Trump' and apparently trolled the US President. Later, he even posted the image showing Trump himself retweeting a post by a user which talks about his defeat by US Senator. Till now, Trump has not noticed this 'goof-up'. 

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Trump retweets bot account

While the recent incident can be a structured prank against the US President, he has in the past has gone on different Twitter sprees since the Democrat-led impeachment began to oust him. Even though, now Senate as acquitted him of all charges, he has retweeted a bot account in the past. 

The US President had retweeted more than a dozen tweets in support of the conservative radio talk show host Mark Levin on his spat with Fox News anchor Ed Henry. In a bizarre series of events, an adult film star Stormy Daniels alleged that President Trump liked watching TV shows related to sharks and that he is terrified of them. After the Galeophobia came out to the public, a bot account was created which changes a few words in his tweets to the word, 'sharks'. The original tweet had, 'Fake news' instead of 'Pro Shark'. 

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