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US House Of Representatives Passes Bill To Make Washington DC The 51st State

'Today's victory was Historic for people of DC and its statehood as well," Eleanor Holmess Norton said as the bill was passed



With a majority of votes on Thursday, the legislation to make Washington the 51st state has been passed by the House of Representatives. A very crucial stage lies ahead as Senate is expected to have a divided vote for the cause as the political odds are divided. The legislation was passed with 216 (D) to 208 (R) with no Republican voting for it. 

Senator Paul Strauss expressed his dissapontment as still no Republican supported the cause

"I am satisfied with such a support from Democratic unity in the House by today's vote, however dissapointed as no Republicans agreed to the bill yet,"added Senator Paul Strauss, one of the district's "shadow" senators since 1977. 

It is expected for the bill to fail in the Senate house due to the divided and uneven poltical odds. There is also not enough Democratic control at the upper assembly. Eleanor Holmess Norton stated that this is a victory for Washington DC. Norton is a representative of non-voting delegate in DC's Congress. 

'Today's victory was Historic for people of DC and its statehood as well," added Eleanor Holmess Norton as the bill was passed. 

Washington DC for statehood

Even though the residents of DC pay federal tax, they are not entitled to vote for elected representative. Ahead of the November 2020 elections between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, this issue was on focus with people supporting the cause. The advocates were campaigning for equality for DC voters. 

President Joe Biden along with Kamala Harris and several other personalities have supported the moment, however, in the US Senate the step has only 45 supporters. The supporters need five more votes to pass the bill. 

The supporters of the bill need Republicans' contribution as well which they don't have. 

"At least 10 Republicans' support is needed to bring the cause for voting. Else, we need all the Democratics to support the amendment of "filibuster" threshold and permit the voting to only need 51 votes. The Senate rule will change if all Republicans vote for it," mentioned Strauss. 

Strauss lastly added that this Congress is rural and conservative while statehood is needed to have self-determination and sovereignty. 

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