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US: Howard University Students Protest Against Living Conditions In Dormitories

Students of Howard University started sleeping outdoors in tents on campus grounds to protest against the living conditions provided to them.


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Students of Howard University in the United States have started sleeping outdoors in tents on campus grounds to protest against the living facilities in the dormitories. The students have described the conditions in the college dormitories they live in as "poor" and "unlivable", reported ABC News. Speaking to the news outlet, students have alleged that the university living quarters have mould, insect and rodent infestation. Furthermore, they revealed that the dormitories have leaking ceilings and flooding. 

Howard University students protest

The students participating in the protest have alleged that they have been facing health issues due to the living conditions in the dormitories. Lamiya Murray, an 18-year-old freshman currently living in one of the tents, told the news outlet that a mould in her dormitory room caused him a respiratory infection. Murray added that they "expect decent housing" and want to be in a space where they feel "safe". Murray has said that he was facing breathing issues and woke up every morning with a cough, reported the news outlet. 

Murray and other students participating in the protest have taken over the Blackburn University centre since 12 October. The protesters have told the news outlet that they have stopped the administrators from entering the Blackburn Building. On 13 October, the Howard University Divison of Student Affairs had a warning to students participating in the protest. They have told the students to not occupy the Blackburn University and had stated that the protesters were violating the university's student code of conduct. Speaking to the news outlet, students have stated that they would prefer sleeping outside rather than in the dormitory rooms. The students protesting against the facilities that are provided to them took turns to disallow administrators from entering inside the Blackburn University Center. Some of the students have shared the videos and pictures on social media. 

Frank Tramble, vice president of communications and chief communications officer at Howard University, in a statement to ABC News, said that the well-being of the university students was their priority. Furthermore, Tramble stated that they were trying to sort out the issues raised by students. Tramble further stated that the cabinet members of the university administration have even inspected the campus housing facilities. He added that they have shifted the affected students to temporary housing till the time university works to solve the issues. 

(Image: Twitter/@deep_dab/@cocoapimpcess)

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