US Issues Highest Level Of Travel Advisory Amid Coronavirus Scare

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In a bid to stem the deadly coronavirus outbreak, the US State Dept has imposed the highest level of travel advisory and increased it to ‘Level 4’ on March 20.

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In a bid to stem the deadly coronavirus outbreak, the United States has increased the travel advisory to ‘Level 4’ on March 20. The US State Department has also urged all American citizens in various countries for an “immediate return” unless they are prepared to remain outside of the US for an “infinite period”. As the COVID-19 has claimed over 200 lives in the United States and has infected more than 14,000 people, US President Donald Trump’s administration issued the highest level of the travel advisory. 

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Just days ago, Trump had announced that by “mutual consent”, America will cease its Northern Border with Canada to the non-essential traffic. The Trump administration announced the recent precautionary measures with Canada where the virus cases are less than 600. The US President has also assured that the trade between both the countries will not be affected by the temporary closing of the borders. 

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‘Treated Chinese Virus seriously’

From addressing the Democratic and Republican approval ratings, Trump also said that he has always treated the “Chinese Virus” in a serious manner. Hailing his administration’s early decision of closing its borders, the US President claimed that “many lives have been saved”. Trump has assured Americans who are still out of their homes for work, that “money will be coming” to them. The US President not only repeated his claim of COVID-19 which originated in the Chinese province of Wuhan as the “Chinese Virus” but has also said that the pathogen’s onslaught is not the fault of his country’s citizens. 

 In a bid to stem the easily spread coronavirus, like governments of many other countries, the Trump administration has also introduced certain precautionary measures such as shutting of schools, colleges, hotels, and bars. However, the US President has said that he will “protect” the medical security of people and has also declared that he would share “very important” news about the COVID-19 or “Chinese Virus” in a conference later today which he has received from the FDA. 

Trump has recently started using China’s reference while talking about the pandemic and has also defended his claims as “accurate”. According to the US President, since the virus was first discovered in the mainland, his statements are correct and has also repeatedly accused the Chinese authorities of running a misinformation campaign for blaming the US military for spreading the virus.

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