US Man Finds Box With Cubs Wrapped In Blanket On His Walkway

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In a strange incident, a US man from North Carolina finds a box with cubs wrapped in a blanket while returning from grocery store on February 4, as per reports.

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In a strange incident, a US man from North Carolina found a box with cubs wrapped in a blanket. Cornelius Williams returned home from the grocery store on the night of February 4  and heard a squeaky noise coming from a cardboard box left in the middle of his walkway, as per reports. Williams immediately called the authorities for help as it was dark outside. When an officer approached the box and looked inside he was surprised to found two newborn bear cubs in it.

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Bear taken to North Carolina Zoo 

Sheriff Kevin Jones reportedly said that bears are very common to Camden County, but finding cubs in a box was a little strange. Williams was shocked and said that he was not sure why the bear cubs are left with the box of blanket-wrapped. According to the state news outlet, the bears were taken to the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro for further examinations and care. 

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Bear cubs honked for help

Meanwhile, in a bizarre incident, two bear cubs were rescued after they locked themselves in a van and then honked for help. According to news reports, a security technician Jeff Stokely had parked his van outside a customer's home in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and went to work. Suddenly, he heard a horn honking and immediately realized that it was his van. He then rushed back to the van and was astonished seeing two small bear cubs locked inside and frequently hitting the horn. Stokely said the cubs must have sneaked in through the driver's side door and then locked themselves by hitting the lock key. Stokely took videos and photos of the cub before opening the door to release them out. He said he didn't see any mother bear nearby.

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In another incident, a heartwarming video had surfaced on the internet which shows a baby bear refusing to let go of a man who rescued him from fire. The 15-second video clip was shared on social media by a Twitter user, Julie Marie Cappiello. In the video, it shows a bear cub was trapped in a fire and was rescued by the man. The adorable baby cub refused to let the man go and held on to his leg. It also shows that the man patted the baby cub and also played with it for some time, as the video ends. 

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