US Man Josh Wilson Puts Up Billboards Proclaiming Love For His Wife

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An Oklahoma man, Josh Wilson, who runs the Living Water Irrigation sprinkler company put up billboards across Tulsa, Oklahoma to proclaim love for his wife.

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An Oklahoma man, Josh Wilson, who runs the Living Water Irrigation sprinkler company put up billboards across Tulsa to proclaim love for his wife Amy Wilson. He put up eight electric boards across Tulsa which displays a message of "Amy, I love you more!" The sign was just above a logo for the Living Water Irrigation company. The billboards became famous over the weeks and it caught a huge amount of public attention. It became a curiosity as the signboards did not imply who Amy is or why someone was proclaiming love for her. After almost six weeks of putting up the billboards, Josh Wilson laughed about all of the attention the billboards received since he decided to post the sky-high love notes to his wife. He said that a lot of people believed that he was in trouble with his wife Amy but he said he adores her.

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Why Wilson made the unordinary step?

Wilson made the unordinary step of pronouncing his affection for Amy to everybody in Tulsa when he learned in August that he couldn't drop a one-year, $1,200-a-month billboard campaign he'd taken out in January for their business. The billboards weren't increasing new customers. He said that he wasn't getting the response that he expected with the ads. He said he was contractually bonded until January 1 and could not get his money back. The idea was proposed by his business coach, Clay Clark, and Wilson appreciated the idea. He called up the billboard company and told them that he wanted to change the advertisement to "Amy, I love you more!"

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The couple met five years ago in a country-western bar in Tulsa

Amy Wilson, however, didn't see the signs until they'd been up for a couple of weeks. She said she had been busy and caught up in some work and heard all about this in a local news station. She said everyone was wondering, "Who's Amy?" She then came to realize that her husband had expressed his love towards her over the busiest expressways across Tulsa.

The couple met five years ago in a country-western bar in Tulsa, and Josh stood out for not the best reasons. She said that Josh came to the bar straight from the golf course and asked her to dance. At first, she thought he was a weirdo who was wearing flip-flops instead of cowboy boots. But they soon fell in love with each other. She realized when they were on a vacation in Florida and in the early morning, Josh woke up and wrote "will you marry me" in the sand to which she replied "yes".

Amy was delighted by her husband's messages of love in the expressway. She said its time to replace them by, "I Love You More!" with something else. Josh agreed to her reluctantly. Sometime this month, Tulsa motorists will come across something new on their way to work.

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