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US Midterm Polls: 'Firsts' Galore As Indian-American, Lesbian, Black Candidates Win

While the overall results of the US midterm elections are yet to be announced, the country is now witnessing many firsts as results started coming in.

US midterms

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The United States of America is all set to elect its next policymakers as the US Midterms polls are all set to give candidates who will be part of the House of Representatives and the Senate. While both Republicans and Democrats are looking forward to gaining a solid majority in both houses, they also took an effort to diversify their candidate lists this year. 

While the overall results of the US midterm elections are yet to be announced, the country is now witnessing many firsts. From some states electing their first black governor to others likely to welcome governors who are part of the LGBTQIA+ community, here are the candidates who are breaking glass ceilings and making history in the 2022 midterm elections.

Wes Moore: Maryland’s first black governor

Best-selling author and former head of the anti-poverty organisation called Robin Hood, the 44-year-old Wes Moore became the first black governor to be elected in the state of Maryland. Moore became the third black governor to be elected in the 246-year history of the country. Expressing his gratitude, More wrote, “Tonight we celebrate, and tomorrow we get to work. Thank you, Maryland.”

Aruna Miller: First Indian-American to win Maryland LG race

The Democratic candidate for Lieutenant governor of Maryland, Aruna Miller has won the race to become the first Indian- American to win the LG race in the state of Maryland, US. Wes Moore, who is making history by becoming the first Black governor in the state, picked Miller as his running mate.

Sharing her story, Miller wrote, “Ever since I came to this country in 1972, I’ve never stopped being excited for the promise of America.” and shared her motto of leaving “No One Behind”. Miller and Moore broke the glass ceilings in the state of Maryland with their respective victories. 

Maura Healey: First openly Lesbian governor in US history

Beating Republican candidate Geoff Diehl, Maura Healey made history by not only becoming the first woman to be elected as the governor of Massachusetts, but she also became the first openly Lesbian candidate to hold the office of governor. The last time Massachusetts had Jane Swift as its first female governor was in 2001, but she was appointed as the governor and not elected. Taking to Twitter, Maura wrote, “We did it, Massachusetts.” expressing her gratitude to the voters. 

Maxwell Frost: First Gen-Z to serve the US Congress

Born in the year 1997, the 25-year-old Maxwell Frost is all set to become the first Generation Z member elected to serve the US Congress. Frost’s campaign focuses on gun violence, climate change, and abortion rights which attracted a lot of attention among young voters, as he managed to win the seat from Florida. 

Expressing his gratitude, Frost wrote,  “WE WON!!!! History was made tonight. We made history for Floridians, for Gen Z, and for everyone who believes we deserve a better future. I am beyond thankful for the opportunity to represent my home in the United States Congress. #FL10”

Markwayne Mullin: First Native American to be elected as senator from Oklahoma

The Republican candidate from Oklahoma made history as the first native American senator from Oklahoma in almost 100 years. The Republicans have managed to maintain their strong grip in the state since 1987. Taking to Twitter, Mullin expressed his grattitude to the Oklahoma voters. 

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