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US: People In Texas Stockpiling Chickens Amid COVID-19 Scare

People in the United States are stockpiling chickens amid coronavirus lockdown as supermarkets there are running out of eggs because of huge demand.


After hoarding toilet papers, people in the Texas, United States are stockpiling chickens as supermarkets there are running out of eggs. According to reports, people in Texas are panic buying chicks as livestock in the hope that their egg demand is met. However, Christie Quintanilla of Cluckingham Palace, a farm that raises chicks in Bexar county, while talking to the press expressed concern that people might have to wait a bit longer for eggs as the chicks they are buying are not going to lay anytime before August or September. 

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The egg shortage problem has become prevalent in the United States with many farms across the country selling out chickens doubling their sales this year. The demand for chicks in the United States has surged like never before due to coronavirus lockdown. Many countries around the world have gone into complete or partial lockdown in order to block the spread of the virus. Last month, people in the United States faced a shortage of toilet paper after supermarkets ran out of stocks due to massive stockpiling by citizens. 

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The coronavirus crisis in the United States is worsening day by day as the total number of confirmed cases in the country has now surpassed 3,67,600 and the death toll has reached nearly 11,000. According to data by worldometer, there are currently 3,36,878 active COVID-19 cases in the North American country with over 8,900 under critical conditions. 

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Coronavirus outbreak

The coronavirus infection has claimed more than 74,700 lives across the world and has infected over 13,47,500 people globally since it first broke out in December 2019. China was the most affected country until last month before Italy and Spain surpassed it to record the most number of deaths anywhere in the world due to COVID-19. The United States, France, the United Kingdom, and Iran have also overtaken China in terms of death toll related to COVID-19. The virus is believed to have originated from a seafood market in China's Wuhan city, the epicentre of the disease, where animals were reportedly being traded illegally.

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