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US: Police Probes How Walmart Store Got Infested With Bedbugs

A Walmart store in Edinboro, Pennsylvania is facing a bedbug infestation as manager found a closed bottle with live bugs crawling inside, police to investigate.


A Walmart store in Edinboro, Pennsylvania is reportedly facing a bedbug infestation which has further led to a police investigation. According to international media reports, the manager of the store had found a closed bottle with live bugs crawling inside after he immediately informed the authorities. The health safety company Ecolab also confirmed that the insects were also found crawling around the men's changing room. 

A Walmart spokesperson told an international media outlet that the bottle was found inside a boy's jacket which was for sale. He further said that the store is taking this incident very seriously and they will also be cooperating with law enforcement on their investigation. Another employee also found a second closed pill bottle contacting the bedbugs in the men's department. 

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A pest management service who had visited the store has reportedly blocked off the impacted area. The police are further investigating the matter and looking for the person who is responsible for the incident. According to reports, the bedbug infestations are very expensive to fight and professional extermination of bedbugs usually cost $200 to $1,500 per room. 

Human bone found in Primark

In another unusual incident at a store, a piece of human bone was reportedly found by a customer in a pair of socks sold by a Primark store, however, the police have said that it has not been linked to a crime. According to an international media report, the socks were bought from the Colchester store before Christmas last year and is believed to be part of a phalanx, a bone in the finger. The police officers had investigated as far as reasonably and proportionately possible and they believe that it is a possibility that it was placed in the sock in its country of origin.

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While speaking to an international media outlet, an Essex Police spokesperson said that the bone found did not appear to be a result of recent trauma as it had no skin or other particles surrounding it. He further said that an investigation has been filed and if further information comes to light it will be reviewed. According to reports, Primark also carried an investigation at the factory where the socks were made, however, they were no able to find any evidence that suggested an incident had occurred. 

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