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US President Biden's Plan To Withdraw Troops From Afghanistan By September Still 'intact'

Joe Biden told a presser that the Afghanistan leaders need to come together and fight in the interest of their homeland nation amid Taliban advancements.



US President Joe Biden has ordered the complete withdrawal of US combat troops from  Afghanistan by the September 9/11 anniversary which marks the US-led Afghanistan invasion to eradicate the Taliban post horrendous Twin Tower attacks. As America decides to put an end to the longest war in the history of the United States that lasted roughly for two decades by recalling soldiers to their homeland country, President Joe Biden indicated that his plan of troops drawdown remains intact. US commander-in-chief addressed a presser just outside the White House and said that the Afghanistan leaders needed to come together and fight in the interest of their homeland nation. 

Biden made remarks right after the Taliban captured key provincial capitals, including Mazar-i-Sharif and Faizabad early Tuesday as Afghan armed forces were defeated post tumultuous infighting, where insurgents then installed the Taliban flag on the populous city’s main gate, declaring victory.

Afghan forces, meanwhile, abandoned the Pul-i-Khumri giving the Taliban terror faction the total access and control of the strategic junction that links Kabul to the north and west. The Afghan national forces also pulled out of the governorate, intelligence, and police headquarters giving Taliban control over 65% of the country. 

Biden asks Afghan forces 'to fight for themselves'

Speaking to the reporters on Tuesday, US President Joe Biden condemned that the Afghan forces had handed over the capital of the northern province of Baghlan and had retreated toward the Kelagi desert. “Afghan troops outnumber the Taliban and just want to fight,” Joe Biden said, stressing that  “They’ve [Afghan Army] got to fight for themselves, fight for their nation.” The American leader reiterated that he “does not regret” his decision of withdrawing United States troops from Afghani soil as he reminded that the US spent more than $1 trillion for over 20 years and as thousands of troops laid down lives safeguarding Afghan territories. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, on the other hand, told reporters that he was seeking assistance and support from regional militias as he also appealed to the citizens to safeguard the democratic fabric of the country. Taliban terror faction has been fighting fiercely to topple the US-backed government as they threatened to capture nearly 11 provincial capitals. 

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