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'What are we doing?': US Senator Urges Strict Action After Texas School Shooting, Says 'our Kids Living In Fear'

US Senator for Connecticut, Chris Murphy, on Tuesday edged on a breakdown as he demanded lawmakers to "take action" after a mass shooting in a Texas school


US Senator for Connecticut, Chris Murphy, on Tuesday edged on a breakdown as he demanded lawmakers to "take action" after a mass shooting in a Texas school that took lives of 21 people, including 19 students. Aggrieved and flustered, Senator Murphy began his address by recalling the horrific Sandy Hook massacre in 2012, which left over two dozen dead. In an emotional speech, the senator questioned, "Just days after a shooter walked into a grocery store to gun down African-American patrons, we have another Sandy Hook in our hands. What are we doing? There were more mass shootings than days in the year. Our kids are living in fear."

Formerly a representative from the Newton district that included Sandy Hook elementary school, Senator Murphy acknowledged that it is the failure of the US government to act against gun violence despite having a myriad of shooting massacres that tore through the nation. "I am here on this floor to beg- to literally get down on my hands and knees and beg my colleagues to find a path forward here," he said with folded hands, holding back his tears. Expressing his grief for the victims and families who lost their loved ones, he urged the lawmakers to not send out a "message of endorsement" of such "heinous" acts. He added, "I understand my Republican colleagues may not agree to everything I support but there is a common denominator we can find. There is a place where we can achieve agreement."  

"What are we doing? Why are we here? What are we doing," US Senator Chris Murphy reiterated.

Meanwhile, US Attorney General Merrick Garland called the deadly Texas school shooting an "act of unspeakable violence". He termed the horrific school shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, an “act of unspeakable violence” and asserted, “We join our fellow Americans in mourning this terrible loss and in their resolve to end this senseless violence.” 

Biden asks lawmakers to 'turn pain into action'

In an emotional address to the nation from the White House hours after the deadliest mass shooting in US in a decade, President Joe Biden urged lawmakers to "turn the pain into action." Praying for the victims and their families, Biden questioned, "Why do we keep letting this happen?" Recalling the Sandy Hook incident, when he was the Vice President of the US, Biden said, "I never thought, I'll have to do this again." He also called on lawmakers to ensure adequate actions to end the relentless spree of gun violence in the country.

Just to note, this is the 27th mass shooting in US schools in 2022 alone. "Why are we willing to live with this carnage? Why do we keep letting this happen? Wearing god's name is our backbone to have the courage to deal with and stand up to the lobbyists," Biden said. Meanwhile, US Vice President Kamala Harris also condemned the killing of innocent children, saying "enough is enough" during her address at the Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies.

Austin Police department chief Joseph Chacon also expressed his grief over the ghastly shooting. "No words can possibly express our grief for the families and community of Uvalde. I pray that they find God’s comfort as they continue to experience this senseless tragedy. God bless you all, we are here for you," he said in a statement. 

Texas school shooting

Texas Governor Greg Abbott earlier on Tuesday informed that "it is believed" that the shooter at the Robb Elementary school in Uvalde, Texas was identified to be 18-year-old Salvador Ramos. Speaking to CBS News, two law enforcement officers confirmed that Ramos had a handgun, AR-15 Rifle and high-capacity magazines and was suspected to have shot his grandmother before going on a killing spree around 11:32 am (local time). Ramos has been killed by the law enforcement, Texas Public Safety Department Sergeant Erick Estrada told CNN. The motivation behind the crime is unknown at the time and the initial probe showed that the massacre was a lone act.

"This is the deadliest shooting since the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting," said Texas Governor, adding that the incident has shaken Uvalde, a town of 20,000 people.

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