USToy Collector Stumbles Upon Rare White Prototype Hot Wheels Car

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US celebrity toy collector stumbled upon one of the rarest enamel white prototype Custom Camaro Hot Wheels car worth approximately $100,095.

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Joel Magee, a celebrity toy collector in the US has reportedly stumbled upon one of the rarest enamel white prototype Custom Camaro Hot Wheels car worth approximately $100,095. A rare prototype of the original “sweet 16” model from 1968 in White, the car was inadvertently packaged and sold.

According to the reports, the expert was flabbergasted that the collectable toy Custom Camaro car model was the only one in existence and was priced above the actual Camaro car and Magee had found it. Magee reportedly stockpiles collectables related to G.I. Joe and Star Wars and is a Disney expert for the TV show Pawn Stars.

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Magee reportedly hadn’t realized that he had ended up with one of the rarest Hong Kong designed Hot Wheels cars ever made. The designers painted the Camaro white towards the end in the production process to spot imperfections on the car prior to production, suggest reports.

Rarest Hot Wheels car in the world

America’s Toy Scout, Magee told the media that he found the car while looking through a collection of other cars and described it as a Holy Grail. He said that it was one of the three rarest Hot Wheels in the world, along with a prototype Olds 442 and Beach Bomb custom van prototype that Hot Wheels maker Mattel said was worth $150,000.

Reports confirmed that Magee didn’t reveal the actual price that he paid for the Camaro, and it is estimated that the car was probably sold for $0.59 when it was new, but now Magee is expected to get at least $100,000 if he sold his Custom Camaro.

Magee told the reporters that he hadn’t decided yet whether he would sell the car or keep it, the fact that he discovered it is still setting in. He further added that it was hard for him to imagine that the toy car was more expensive than the real one, and he doesn’t recall where he bought it.

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