US: Trump Appoints Asia Adviser Matt Pottinger As The New Deputy NSA

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America's national security advisor, Robert O'Brien, stated on September 20 that Matt Pottinger, senior adviser on Asia, is all set to become the deputy NSA

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America's national security advisor, Robert O'Brien, stated on September 20, that Matt Pottinger, senior adviser on Asia, is all set to become the Deputy National security adviser after Trump selected him for the top post. The statement was issued while the US President was on his way to New York to attend this year's United Nations General Assembly. 

Matt Pottinger's Chinese connection

He has worked as a journalist who had a key role in establishing the China and North Korea policy from the time he formally took office in the year 2017.

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Pottinger also covered a lot of topics such as the Severe acute respiratory syndrome epidemic that took place in China that led to more than 8000 cases being registered in a period between 2002-2003 which led to a total of more than 700 deaths in 37 countries and the 2004 Tsunami that wreaked havoc in India. He was in China for 7 years wherein he reported on claims of corruption as told by the Chinese workers. Notably, he holds a degree in Chinese studies that he obtained from the University of Massachusetts. During his time as a journalist, he has worked for a few news agencies before moving to a newspaper that solely focused on Wall Street.

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A key link between the two countries

He played a significant part in setting up summits between Donald Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong Un, something that has moved at a very slow pace with respect to telling North Korea to let go of its nuclear arsenal. Matt's appointment was supposed to be announced on September 20, a few days after Trump-appointed O'Brien to take the place of John Bolton as the National Security Adviser. Trump stated that he and Bolton had a difference of opinion over several important foreign policy challenges that concerned countries such as North Korea, Iran, and Afghanistan, which led to the latter formally resigning from the post. 

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