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US Vice Prez' Residence Fortified With Increased Level Of Security Not Seen Since 9/11

Hours before Donald Trump became the first US President to be impeached twice, the area surrounding Vice President’s residence was fortified.


Hours before Donald Trump became the first US President to be impeached twice, the area surrounding Vice President’s residence was fortified with a chain-link fence. According to CNN, the level of physical security barriers around US Naval Observatory is unprecedented, with the exception of similar actions in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. Overnight, Mike Pence’s house was fortified with a chain-link fence reinforced with concrete barricades. 

The increased level of security comes in the wake of riots at the US Capitol and before President Trump was impeached. It also comes amid concerns that additional demonstrations could take place in both Washington and around the country in the coming days. Moreover, there are significant road closures around the White House and additional fencing with concrete barricades have gone up around the President’s residence. 

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Donald Trump impeached 

Meanwhile, on January 13 the House impeached Trump and charged him with “incitement of insurrection” over the mob siege of the Capitol. According to the reports by AP, the house voted 232-197 to impeach Trump. Also, ten Republicans joined the Democrats saying that he should be held accountable and warned of a "danger" if Congress should leave him unchecked ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration. 

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi invoked words of Abraham Lincoln and a passage from the Bible. She also quoted a speech that former US President John F Kennedy was supposed to deliver in 1963 before he was assassinated. She said, “He must go, he is a clear and present danger to the nation that we all love”. She requested the lawmakers to uphold their oath and defend the constitution from all the enemies, foreign “and domestic”. 

Now that the House has voted to impeach the President, impeachment in a two-part process will be taking place. The House will introduce and pass the articles of impeachment, however, the Senate is where Trump will face a trial and a potential punishment. Before the proceedings, the Senators will take an oath and there will be set time limits for arguments and rebuttals. All questions from Senators for the House and Trump attorneys must be submitted in writing and read by the Chief Justice. 

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