Vicious Dog Attack In The US Kills One Person And Leaves Another Critically Injured

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In a gruesome incident, 3 dogs attacked and killed one woman and left another person critically injured in North Houston, Texas. 3 dogs detained by the police.

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In a gruesome incident, three dogs reportedly attacked and killed one woman and left another person critically injured in North Houston, Texas. The police have called it a vicious canine attack. They have also detained three dogs in the case.

Negligent manslaughter

The police got a call as early as 6 am by a man who reported that his spouse has been attacked by Canines. The police mentioned that the girl was severely injured. It also added that she has been shifted to a nearby hospital where she could reside in secure conditions. Minutes later, it got a complaint from the owner of the dogs who said that the dogs have also attacked another woman close by. Later, police found her body lined in bite marks lying in a ditch. The police have contained three Pitbulls and their owners in the case. The owner of the dogs could face negligent manslaughter charges, it said.

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In a similar incident, a six-foot kangaroo that apparently went rogue has been terrorising a small county in Australia. It has until now attacked three people and destroyed many private-owned gardens and farms. The animal has now been tracked by the police. The kangaroo first attacked an elderly woman leaving her with blood on her neck, shoulders and legs. A tourist from New Zealand also became a victim of the marsupial. Apart from that, it had also attacked a garden which was impeccably tended for three decades by its owner, Margherita Caruana in Queensland’s South  Down Region. 

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In yet another attack, a seven-year-old boy was knocked off his surfboard by a shark. The incident took place at New Smyrna Beach in Florida when the boy's father and his family went to the beach.  In the video that went viral on the internet, Chandler Moore can be seen surfing when he seems to see something before he gets knocked by the shark into the water. Later Shaun admitted that initially, he thought he was knocked over by a fish and only upon closer inspection of the GoPro attached to Shaun's board could Shaun and Chandler determine that it was in fact not a fish but a shark. Watch the video here


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