VIRAL VIDEO: Ivanka Trump Hails PM Modi's Rise From Being A Tea Seller To Becoming India's PM

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Ivanka Trump draws inspiration from Prime Minister's rise from being a tea seller to becoming the elected leader of the world's largest democracy.

Written By Shatabdi Chowdhury | Mumbai | Updated On:

Ivanka Trump's comment hailing the Prime Minister's inspiring journey from selling tea to becoming the leader of the largest democracy in the country may just not go down very well with the Congress and other opposition factions who were seen mocking PM Modi over his humble origins just a few days back. 

"The Prime Minister has had a phenomenal journey from selling tea to becoming the Prime Minister of India. India has a trusted ally in the White House and the people of India continue to inspire us in the United States", commented President Trump's daughter and leader of the 350 strong business delegation visiting India for the Global Summit being hosted in Hyderabad. 

The last few days saw the Prime Minister, the BJP and opposition locked in a fierce discussion over the elitist mindset which was projected by a Congress youth leader who had published a meme on the social media mocking the Prime Minister's humble background which saw him rise from the ranks as a party worker to becoming the CM of Gujarat and finally getting elected as the Prime Minister in 2014. 

The Prime Minister had hit back at the Congress on 27th November when during 4 back to back political rallies in Gujarat the Prime Minister commented that, 

" Yes it is true I sold tea but so what, at least I only tea and unlike some others did not sell my nation." 

The Prime Minister had ripped into the Congress for making the rather unbecoming comment. With Ivanka Trump also endorsing the Prime Minister's success story it is only a matter of time to see how the opposition will choose to respond to the same. 

The political fervour is soaring as the very crucial state of Gujarat goes to poll in December, which many see as a BJP bastion but only the upcoming elections will tell us how well the water is holding in Gujarat for the BJP. 

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