Wolf Dies Alone After Traversing More Than Thousands Of Miles To Find A Partner

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Officials monitoring an endangered female wolf, OR-54, said that the canine who had travelled thousands of miles across the US in search of a partner had died

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Officials monitoring an endangered female wolf, OR-54, said that the canine who had travelled thousands of miles across the United States in search of a partner had died in California. According to reports, the female wolf was first captured in the year 2017 by officials in Oregon who then began tracking the wolf's movements.

According to reports, the officials said that the endangered canine had been searching for a partner and wandered across the US for more than 8,000 miles. The conclusive reason for the grey wolf's death is not known but officials have launched an investigation to determine the cause.

According to reports, OR-54 crossed from the state of Oregon into California in the year 2018 and went to travel through the eastern part of Siskiyou County before traversing through Sierra, Plumas, Nevada, Modoc, Lassen, Butte and Tehama counties in search of a partner. The wolf returned to Oregon twice. It travelled an average distance of 13 miles per day.

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Officials had been trying to collar the wolves

According to reports, the state and wildlife officials had long been trying to collar the protected wolves. The tracking collar of one of the canines OR-7 had stopped working a couple of years back and since then officials had failed to tag any of the protected animals. The OR-7 was the first wild grey wolf to be on record in California since the species went extinct in the 20th century.

Less than a dozen wolves reside in the state of California. In July 2019 it was found out that OR-54 had entered into the territory of the only known pack of wolves in the territory. The female grey wolf was also suspected to be behind multiple livestock attacks. In March 2019, the Trump-led administration had tabled a proposition to strike-off federal protections for grey wolves in the United States stating that the canine species had successfully recovered in numbers.

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