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Woman Steals Package From Front Door Only To Open A Can Of Worms- Quite Literally!

Written By Digital Desk | Mumbai | Published:

When Shelly Draves inspected her doorbell camera footage only to spot a woman trying to steal a package from her doorstep, she couldn’t help but feel amused. The woman was about to open up a can of worms - quite literally. 

The Video footage of the incident shows a woman approaching Draves’ door in the Orange County City of Apopka. She appears to use a piece of blue material to cover the box before taking it away. The woman was apparently unaware the box was filled with 500 superworms intended to feed her child's pet. 

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In a Facebook post poking fun at the apparent thief, Draves said she suspected the woman followed mail carriers and grabbed parcels that owners did not immediately collect. 

Draves wrote: "Let’s say she got her karma today."

She jokingly advised thieves to check the contents of boxes before they steal them, and be sure homes aren't fitted with security cameras.

“This lady did neither and was in for a huge surprise when she realized the box said ‘live crickets’ as she apparently threw it on the side of the road and another neighbor brought it back,” she wrote. “That’s what you get you damn thief!”

"Hope she gets caught and I hope she got bit by a superworm," she added. 

 Here's the Facebook post:

Draves' Facebook friends were shocked by the incident. But many saw the funny side, too. “I wish there was a picture of her face when she realized what she stole. That would have been funny,” wrote one beneath Draves' post.