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Woman Sues In Federal Court To Keep Her 'Moon Dust'

Written By Anirudh Sunilkumar | Mumbai | Published:


  • Laura Ann Murray is suing in federal court to prove her ownership over the lunar dust given by Neil Armstrong
  • The woman says that the gift was given to her father by Armstrong who served in the military air force together

To protect the ‘lunar dust’ given to her by the first man on the moon, Laura Murray is suing in the federal court to prove that she is the rightful owner of the dust and that it was given to her father Tom Murray as a gift by Neil Armstrong himself.

Laura who was going through her parent's belongings five years back found the pouch of sand with a note that read “To Laura Ann Murray, Best of Luck, Neil Armstrong Apollo 11”.

Murray fears that her precious gift will be seized by the NASA which in a similar incident had seized moon rocks from an elderly woman in 2011 which was gifted to her by her husband who was an engineer at NASA. Joann Davis who was selling the rocks due to a cash crunch was detained and questioned by the NASA after which the moon rocks were seized from her.

Pertaining to the case, Davis sued the government and was compensated with an amount of $1,00,000 after the court ruled that NASA “had no law enforcement interest” to do what they did to Davis.

Experts have confirmed that the signature on Murray’s card is an authentic signature of Neil Armstrong. “This is a huge adventure that we’re going on… We’re very quiet people and the main thing is that I have ownership to it,” Cicco told reporters.

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