Published 20:39 IST, June 11th 2024

Kadet Defence Systems Pioneers India's foray into Jet-Powered Aerial Target Production

Aerial targets play a crucial role in enhancing military readiness and effectiveness, offering cost-effective alternatives for training.

Reported by: Yuvraj Tyagi
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Jet-Powered Aerial Targets | Image: Kadet Defence Systems

New Delhi, India: Kadet Defence Systems (KDS), a leading aerospace company in India, has achieved a significant milestone with the successful launch of Jet-Powered Aerial Targets, marking a historic leap in indigenous defence technology. These advanced aerial targets, designed and developed entirely in India, have been exported to foreign-friendly countries, solidifying India’s position in the global defence market. 

KDS’ jet-powered aerial targets boast cutting-edge capabilities, including speeds exceeding 500 kilometres per hour, a flight range of 300 kilometres, and altitudes surpassing 6,000 meters. Equipped with low observable radar cross-section and swarming capabilities, these targets serve as vital tools for military training, weapon system development, and evaluation exercises. They facilitate the testing of various defence systems, including shoulder-fired missiles, guns, and artillery systems, while also serving as high-speed decoys and Counter-Unmanned Aerial System (CUAS) solutions. 


India's Entry into Jet-Powered Aerial Target Manufacturing 

KDS’ achievement marks a paradigm shift in India’s defence technology landscape, transitioning from reliance on imports to domestic production of sophisticated aerial targets. This milestone underscores India’s commitment to self-reliance in defence manufacturing and showcases the country’s growing capabilities in advanced defence technology. By supplying these targets to both domestic and international markets, KDS contributes to India’s vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat while establishing itself as a key player in the global defence sector.

The increasing demand for aerial targets within defence applications reflects their crucial role in enhancing military readiness and effectiveness. With realistic simulation features and advanced capabilities, aerial targets enable armed forces to conduct comprehensive training, testing, and evaluation exercises. They offer a cost-effective and safer alternative to manned aircraft, supporting various tactical scenarios and mission objectives.


Avdhesh Khaitan, CEO of Kadet Defence Systems, expressed pride in the company’s achievement and emphasized its dedication to innovation and excellence in defence technology. With this groundbreaking development, KDS not only strengthens national defence capabilities but also demonstrates the potential of Indian companies to compete on the global stage. Moreover, as India undertakes key weapon development programs, the availability of indigenous solutions for evaluation purposes enhances cost-effectiveness and data security in defence testing processes. 

20:39 IST, June 11th 2024