Published 13:52 IST, April 27th 2024

Top US Colleges With Highest Graduation Rates: Princeton University Tops, Harvard University Follows

A recent study conducted by the high education research group, DegreeChoices, has revealed top US colleges and universities boasting the highest graduation rate

Reported by: Nandini Verma
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Princeton University | Image: Princeton University Website

A recent study conducted by the high education research group, DegreeChoices, has revealed the top US colleges and universities boasting the highest graduation rates. Analyzing data from the U.S. Department of Education College Scorecard, the study examined graduation rates of students completing their degrees within eight years of initial enrollment. 

Princeton University Leads the Pack: Princeton University in New Jersey emerges as the top performer, boasting an impressive graduation rate of 98.4%. With a commitment to academic excellence, Princeton sets the benchmark for graduation success in America.


Harvard and Kenyon Follow Closely: Harvard University in Massachusetts clinches second place with a graduation rate of 98.1%, closely trailed by Kenyon College in Ohio at third place with a rate of 98%. Both institutions exemplify dedication to academic achievement and student support.

Here are the key findings:

RankUniversity/CollegeGraduation Rate
1.Princeton University98.4%
2.Harvard University98.1%
3.Kenyon College98%
4.Yale University97.5%
5.University of Pennsylvania97.1%
6.Massachusetts Institute of Technology96.9%
7.Stanford University96.5%
8.Williams College96.4%
9.Brown University96.1%
10.University of Notre Dame96%

Ivy League Dominance: Echoing Princeton's achievement, all eight Ivy League schools secure positions among the top thirteen colleges with the highest graduation rates nationwide. This underscores the Ivy League's reputation for academic rigor and student success.

Exceptional Alumni Outcomes: Graduates from these top institutions reap significant rewards in the job market. With average annual salaries well above the national average, alumni from Princeton, Harvard, and other leading colleges demonstrate the value of their education through their professional success.


David Levy, Author at DegreeChoices, Comments: Reflecting on the findings, David Levy remarks on the remarkable success of Ivy League institutions and their role in producing top earners in the country. Despite rigorous admission standards, these elite schools demonstrate an exceptional track record of graduating students within four years and preparing them for lucrative careers.

Conclusion: As prospective students weigh their higher education options, these findings provide valuable insights into the institutions known for their commitment to academic excellence and student success. With Princeton University leading the charge, and Ivy League institutions dominating the rankings, these colleges continue to set the standard for graduation rates and alumni outcomes in the United States.







13:52 IST, April 27th 2024