Published 20:32 IST, May 5th 2024

Amit Shah's Humble Response to Being Hailed as 'Chanakya of Indian Politics'

When Arnab mentioned, "You are called the Chanakya of politics", Shah responded with humility. Here's what he said.

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File Photo of Amit Shah | Image: PTI

New Delhi: Amit Shah is often hailed as the undisputed 'Chanakya' of Indian politics. However, when questioned about this title by the Editor-in-Chief of Republic Media Network, Shah, displaying humility, suggested that such accolades may not be fitting for him. Shah made this statement while talking exclusively to Arnab, while the latter was tracking his 4-state campaign trail. 

When Arnab mentioned, "You are called the Chanakya of politics. Every time, you almost achieve the target you set with your strategy," Shah responded with humility, saying, "Dekhiye sabse pehle mere 100 jeevan ke kaam ka total bhi kia jaaye toh chanakya ke pair ka jooti nhi ho sakta isliye mere liye iss tarah ka shabd prayog karna theek nhi.(First and foremost, even if the total of my life's accomplishments were calculated, it wouldn't match up to Chanakya's wisdom. Therefore, using such expressions may not be appropriate for me)."


On The Opposition's Undercurrent Theory

When asked about the Opposition's undercurrent theory, Shah, made a veiled attack on Rahul Gandhi and said,"Ye undercurrrent ki theory unke cadre ko maidan me banaye rakhne ke liye hai unke neta swayam maante hai ki wo chunav haar rhe hai isiliye seat badal badal ke alag alag seaton par jaana padta hai.  jo vyakti aadhe chunav tak apni seat tay na kar paaye wo desh ko kaise lead kar sakta hai (The theory of 'undercurrent' is to keep their cadre engaged in the field. Their leaders themselves believe they are losing elections, which is why they have to keep changing seats. How can someone who couldn't decide their own seat halfway through the elections lead the country?"

'Congress Will Run The Country By Sharia Law'

Shah while speaking to Arnab also claimed,"If Congress comes back to power, they will run the country by the rules of Sharia". He made the statement in reference to the Congress' manifesto, which BJP claims speaks of taking the Muslim personal law forward. 


When asked about the common people's opinion that Hindu-Muslim polarisation would benefit the BJP, Shah responded, "Polarisation of votes should not occur. However, if the INDI Bloc promises to reintroduce Muslim Personal Law in their manifesto if they promise to reinstate Article 370 and Triple Talaq, then automatically the politics of polarization will begin."

‘NDA Will Cross 400’

When questioned about the increased pressure this time due to the BJP's target of 400 seats, the Home Minister referred back to his conversation with Arnab from the previous elections. He stated, 'Not at all. Last time, I set a target of 300 seats for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). When you asked me in Bihar if there's more pressure on me, I told you to call me on the day of counting, but you didn't. Today, I still say, call me on the day of counting. NDA will cross 400.”


20:15 IST, May 5th 2024