Published 10:21 IST, April 16th 2024

Rahul’s Top Man Sam Pitroda Says Will Increase Tax on Middle Class if Voted in, Internet Roasts Him

In an unverified video circulating on social media, Pitroda is seen telling the interviewer that the middle-class might have to pay higher taxes.

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Sam Pitroda | Image: X

New Delhi: Decoding the Congress manifesto, Rahul Gandhi's political advisor Sam Pitroda said that the party, if voted to power, may have to impose higher taxes on the middle-class to cover for the several sops and subsidies promised in their election manifesto. 

In an unverified video circulating on social media, the date of which is unclear, Pitroda is seen telling the interviewer that the middle-class might have to pay higher taxes.


In the video, being widely circulated on social media platform X, the interviewer is seen asking Pitroda that "it looks like if the Congress comes to power, the burden of all these schemes will come on us, the middle-class." Replying to the query, Pitroda says, “ Not true. Middle class will have more opportunities. Middle class will get more jobs. Today there are no jobs. Taxes may go up a little bit. I don’t think that’s a major issue. Let’s not worry about that. Don’t be selfish, okay. Have a big heart.” 

“How can you see poor people around you and feel that somebody can take 10 paise out of you. That’s not India,” he added.


“If you and I have to tighten our belt then we should. There is nothing wrong with it. They are our brothers, they are our cousins, they are our cousins, they are our nephews,” he further said.

Pitroda’s comments have attracted reactions from several users on X, with one of them writing “Problem has not always been levy of tax, problem was aptly pointed out by elder RaGa, that only 15 paise out of a rupee reaches the real beneficiary.”


While another user tweeted, “Tell this guy to pay money from his pocket.”

A user replied, “Amazing Pitroda , residing somewhere outside the Indian perimeter but will decide here in India for how much Indians will pay taxes.”


Congress Manifesto 

In its manifesto released on Friday, the Congress made promises to farmers, youth, women and the minority in its manifesto.

"This is not our [Congress] manifesto, but that of India's soul...We created this manifesto after listening to your heart and soul. Read this manifesto carefully. If you look at it carefully, you will understand that this manifesto can change India," Rahul Gandhi had said while talking about the promises made by the party.


Rahul Gandhi listed five guarantees (Nyay) that the party has promised in its manifesto.

"When we gave you guarantees, we called them the guarantees of the Congress Party but in reality, they were the guarantees of the people. When we talked about Rs 500 cylinder, 200 units of free electricity, Greh Lakshmi, and free bus travel, we heard the voice of the people and prepared these guarantees," Rahul Gandhi said.

"Today, everyone in Telangana knows that Congress is fulfilling the promises. There is the highest unemployment in the country in 40 years, but the Telangana Government has given government jobs to 30,000 people and at the same time 50,000 more people will get jobs. This manifesto is the voice of the people of India," he added.

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