Published 11:36 IST, May 7th 2024

Pak Terrorists Are Threatening to do Jihad Against India: PM Hits Back at Cong Over Vote Jihad Row

Earlier in the day, PM Modi asked Indians to vote in large numbers as third phase of Lok Sabha elections is being held on Tuesday.

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PM Narendra Modi | Image: Facebook

New Delhi: In a fresh attack on the Congress and the Opposition's INDI alliance, Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked if something like ‘Vote-Jihad’ was acceptable in India. While addressing a poll rally in Madhya Pradesh's Khargone on Tuesday, May 7, alleged that the Congress party is so desperate that it is asking voters to do ‘vote-jihad’. 

Prime Minister said that one side Pakistani terrorists are threatening India with ‘jihadi activities’ while on the other side Congress is asking people to do vote-jihad. “In Pakistan, terrorists are threatening to do Jihad against India. Congress is also asking certain people to Vote jihad against Modi. They are asking the people of a certain religion to vote against Modi. To what level has the Congress stooped? They are surrounded by hopelessness,” said PM Modi durng Khargone rally. 


He asked, “Is vote jihad acceptable? Can this be allowed in a democracy?”. PM's remarks were aimed at Samajwadi Party (SP) leader Maria Alam, the niece of senior Congress leader Salman Khurshid, who called for "vote jihad" in favour of Naval Kishore Shakya. Shakya is the INDI bloc candidate from Farrukhabad Lok Sabha seat of Uttar Pradesh. Alam's video went viral social media platforms triggering a fresh controversy. 



Ask Those Who Left Congress: PM 

PM said that to understand the real agenda of the Congress party, one must ask those who have left Congress. “To understand how dangerous the intentions of the Congress are, one must listen to those who had been in Congress for 20-25 years but now, have left it. These people who are leaving Congress are breathing fresh air and saying 'Enough is enough'.” 



PM on Radhika Khera 

He said, “One woman said that she was tortured so much for going to the Ram Temple, that she had to leave Congress.” PM hinted at former Congress leader Radhika Khera, who resigned from Congress recently. After resigning from Congress, Radhika said that she was constantly targeted for visiting the newly-built Ram Janmbhoomi Mandir in Ayodhya. "I was treated as untouchable for visiting Ram Mandir. It is difficult to be a Hindu in Congress party," said Radhika Khera to Arnab. The day she wore an orange outfit to the office, she had to hear taunts if she was going to join the Bharatiya Janata Party. People in the party would come up to her and say 'Oh, you're joining BJP," said Khera speaking to Arnab Goswami

“Another said that the Congress is hijacked by Muslim league and Maoists,” the Prime Minister added. 


PM Urges People To Vote in Large Numbers 

Earlier in the day, PM Modi asked Indians to vote in large numbers as third phase of Lok Sabha elections is being held on Tuesday. PM Modi voted at Nishan Higher Secondary School in Ahmedabad. He was accompanied by Union Home Minister Amit Shah, who is contesting from Gandhinagar Lok Sabha seat. 

Emphasising on importance of voting, PM in Khargone rally said, "Your one vote has made India the fifth largest economy. Your one vote made abrogation of Article 370 possible. Your one vote made an Adivasi woman the President of India. Your one vote sent corrupt people to jail. The power of your one vote is such that the wait of 500 years (Ram Temple Pran Pratistha) came to an end,” 





11:36 IST, May 7th 2024