Published 19:52 IST, May 28th 2024

All We Imagine As Light's Kani Kusruti Opens Up About Financial Struggles: I Had ₹3000 In My Account

Kani Kusruti finds herself in the spotlight after her film, the Payal Kapadia helmed All We Imagine As Light completed its Cannes run with a Grand Prix victory.

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Kani Kusruti | Image: Instagram

All We Imagine As Light, among India's strongest contenders at the recently concluded 77th edition of the Cannes Film Festival. While the film has been in the news ever since it was nominated for the Palme d'Or, its Grand Prix victory has properly shed the spotlight on the faces of the film - one of whom in Kani Kusruti.

Kani Kusruti gives immense importance to the quality of her work

During an interview with Asianet News, Kani Kusruti shared how her financial independence is something that is of utmost importance to her. She said, "I am at peace only when I am financially independent."


That being said, she would rather compromise her financial security as opposed to be part of a film she is not convinced with. A similar situation crept up with Malayalam film Biriyaani. She recalled, "Sajin (director Sajin Baabu) approached me at a time when I had no money. After reading the script, I told him I have many problems with it and that I don't think I'll be able to do it. I told him to look for another actor."

Kani Kusruti shares how she came on board for Biriyaani

Kusruti ended up coming on board for Biriyaani because the makers circled back to her - months later after being rejected - with an offer which she simply could not refuse, given the state of her savings. She said, "I said I was not interested in doing this film but that I did not have any money. I think I was being offered around ₹70,000. That was a huge amount for me. I had only around ₹3000 in my account. So getting ₹70,000 was a good thing."


Incidentally, Biriyaani ended up winning Kusruti the Best Actress award at the Kerala State Film Awards and at the Moscow International Film Festival. Though Kusruti is currently riding a high, she is well aware of the nature of the business of cinema. She further reflected, "In the future too, if I don't have the circumstances to earn a living, I may have to do things which I don't want to. There are many people like that." 


19:52 IST, May 28th 2024