Published 13:18 IST, April 28th 2024

Aamir Khan Reveals How He Got The Label Of ‘Perfectionist’ - It All Happened Over A Cup Of Tea

In a recent episode of a reality show, Aamir Khan recalled how he got the sobriquet of being a 'perfectionist'. He recalled Shabana Azmi giving him the title.

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Aamir Khan | Image: Aamir Khan Fans/X

Aamir Khan recently appeared on a reality show where he opened up on how he got the label of being a ‘perfectionist’. The actor recalled the anecdote which birthed the sobriquet for the actor. He also shared that the person responsible for it was veteran actor Shabana Azmi. 

How did Aamir Khan get the title of a ‘perfectionist’? 

In the latest episode of a reality show, Aamir took a walk down memory lane and recalled that there is one person behind the same. The actor said, “This label that I have been given of being a ‘perfectionist,’ only one person is responsible for it.” When the host asked who the person was he replied, "Shabana Azmi.'" 



A file photo of Aamir Khan | Image: Instagram 

Recalling the story, Aamir said, “When I was new to cinema, I was shooting the film, Dil, Indra Kumar was the director and Baba Azmi was the cameraman. Baba Azmi was the top cameraman, we often used to go to his house. One day we were engrossed in a deep discussion, maybe about films and Shabana ji brought tea for us and she asked, ‘Aamir, how much sugar will you take?” 


Aamir Khan recalls why Shabana Azmi called him a ‘perfectionist’ 

Continuing the story, Aamir shared that when the actress asked him how much sugar he would take in his tea, he was engrossed in a discussion and so asked her questions in return. He shared, “I was so engrossed in the discussion, I didn’t realise what she was asking. I turned around and looked at her, it took me five seconds to process the question. I asked, ‘How big is the glass?’ She showed me the cup. I was still engrossed in that discussion. Then I asked how big is the spoon, and she showed me the spoon and then I said, ‘One spoon.’” The actor further shared that Shabana Azmi narrates the incident everywhere thus making the label popular. 

A file photo of Aamir Khan | Image: Instagram 



For the uninitiated, Aamir Khan has been popularly referred to as a ‘perfectionist’ by his friends and peers in the industry. 

13:18 IST, April 28th 2024