Published 19:19 IST, May 3rd 2024

Janhvi Kapoor Recalls Funny Incident From Family Trip To Italy With Sridevi

Janhvi Kapoor is gearing up for three big releases this year. She recently found herself reminiscing about some animated downtime with mother Sridevi.

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Janhvi Kapoor, Sridevi, Boney Kapoor, Khushi Kapoor | Image: sridevi.kapoor/Instagram

In what could shape up to be a rather keynote year in her film career, Janhvi Kapoor is taking some time out to reminisce about the family vacations she took, prior to Sridevi's demise. The actress went into detail about a trip to the Amalfi Coast in Italy that her family had taken, which saw them ditch the posh European aesthetics for some good old Indian bites and culture.

Janhvi Kapoor's wholesome family trip to Italy

At a recent media event, Janhvi Kapoor reminisced about her family trip to the Amalfi coast. She spoke about how though Sridevi "just wanted to relax" she would always end up having "a lot of fun". A particular routine she recalled was driving down in their jeep to  a nook serving up Indian delicacies. While the rest of tourists in Italy were busy drinking, she and her family would be gorging on theplas and paranthas, listening to some South Indian music.


She said, "In the evenings, people would be out on the streets, playing music, having drinks but in comes this big black jeep blasting South Indian music and having theplas and paranthas in the van."


Janhvi Kapoor reveals how no trip is undertaken without their cook

The Kapoor family of four - Janhvi, Khushi, Boney, and Sridevi - rarely ever undertook a family vacation without Ramu. Ramu, as shared by Janhvi during the interaction, is an assistant to Boney Kapoor. However, Janhvi described him, as essentially being Boney's "best friend". She said, "It was us, this big Indian family and we had this van that could accommodate all of us. We also includes our cook and Ramu, who technically is my Dad’s boy but I think that he is my Dad’s best friend..."


She further added how Ramu would never travel anywhere without Indian mangoes and chilies in tow, for a peculiar yet interesting reason. She added, "We had to travel with them because he doesn’t go anywhere without mangoes and chilies from India. Because chilies outside India aren't that spicy apparently." Separately, on the work front, Janhvi is gearing up for the release of her films - Mr and Mrs Mahi, slated for a release on May 31, Ulajh, set to release on July 5 and Devara: Part 1, postponed to October 10. 

19:19 IST, May 3rd 2024