Published 13:12 IST, April 20th 2024

Rajkummar Rao Reveals True Reason Behind Getting Fillers, Shares People Commented On His Looks

Rajkummar Rao, on April 19, denied rumours of undergoing plastic surgery after an edited photo of him went viral on social media.

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Rajkummar Rao | Image: Varinder Chawla

Rajkummar Rao recently made headlines for allegedly undergoing plastic surgery. However, on April 19, the actor denied rumours of any such development. The rumours sparked after an edited photo of the actor with changed looks went viral on social media. Reacting to the photo, the actor said he has not undergone any plastic surgery, however, 8-10 years back he had chin fillers. He said, during his initial days, people commented on his looks which prompted him to get minor changes in his face, but he is still the same person.

Rajkummar Rao on why he decided to get chin fillers

Rajkummar Rao, who is currently promoting his upcoming biographical drama Srikanth, had posed for shutterbugs at a concert in Mumbai and many on social media commented how he looked different. He, however, told PTI that the photo being circulated on social media is edited and he has not undergone plastic surgery. He admitted that he did get chin fillers a few years earlier but nothing after that. 



The photo of Rajkummar Rao that sparked rumours | Image: Instagram 



The actor reasoned that he was judged for his looks in the beginning of his career. He said, “When I was looking for work and when I started working, people commented on my looks and everything. So, eight-nine years back, I did a little touch up on my chin with fillers, which is like a half an hour job, because I wanted to feel more confident, which I do.” The 39-year-old actor added, "I feel I look much better. But has it changed me as a person? Has it changed me as an artist? Not at all.” 

Rajkummar Rao denies rumours of plastic rumours 

Prior to jumping into his revelation regarding fillers, Rajkummar had addressed the picture of his that had been going viral on the internet. Calling it just a bad picture, the actor assured his fans and well-wishers that he had not undergone any extreme plastic surgery and was still very much himself. 



A file photo of Rajkummar Rao | Image: Instagram 



He said, "I have not done any plastic surgery guys. It is just a bad photo. That is just a touch-up photo. I wish I had such clean and flawless skin because it looks like that. I was not wearing any makeup. But I must say it looks weird even for me. It was just a bad moment caught on camera. I have not done any plastic surgery." Srikanth will release in theatres on May 10. 

13:12 IST, April 20th 2024