Published 11:03 IST, April 21st 2024

ASTRO JinJin Releases Fly With Late Bandmate Moonbin's Vocals On Latter’s Death Anniversary

Along with JinJin's rap, the song features Moonbin’s vocals in the chorus of the track. It was released on the death anniversary of Moonbin on Friday.

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ASTRO's Moonbin and JinJin | Image: Instagram

ASTRO’s JinJin released a digital single titled Fly on April 19, marking the one year of late fellow member Moonbin’s death anniversary. Along with his rap, the song features Moonbin’s vocals in the chorus of the track. It was released with a music video that shows JinJin strolling along a beach while carrying a daffodil bouquet in memory of his deceased bandmate.

ASTRO JinJin remembers Moonbin

ASTRO’s agency released the song on Friday and moved the fans with this homage. Sharing the track, the label said, “This song is like a gift to fans who miss Moonbin. It will be even more meaningful as it contains Moonbin's voice." Fellow ASTRO members Cha Eun Woo, Sanha, and MJ posted a link to the Fly music video on their Instagram profiles expressing their continued love for the late Moonbin.


There's more significance behind the dandelions in the music video. Moonbin posted a picture of a dandelion on ASTRO's official Twitter account on April 11, 2023, expressing his joy at seeing the bloom. He mentioned dandelion seeds riding the wind and spreading far and wide in his caption. The flower also symbolises the sun, moon, and stars at different points in their cycle, beloved by ASTRO and its fandom, AROHAs. Consequently, the use of dandelions in the music video deepens the emotional resonance of the song and its visual depiction.



Moonbin, who was 25 years old, passed away in April 2023. Moonbin's manager found him lying in bed at his Gangnam, Seoul apartment. After realising that the singer was not responding, his manager informed the police about the situation. 

The case was registered at Seoul Gangnam Police Station. The late idol's funeral took place in South Korea on April 22. While the actual reason for the K-pop idol's death wasn't revealed, the police reportedly stated that Moonbin's cause of death was likely suicide. 




Moonbin’s funeral 

All members of ASTRO were present at his funeral. MJ, who enlisted in the South Korean mandatory military service, took an emergency leave following the death of the K-pop star. Cha Eun-woo who was in the United States came back to South Korea to attend the funeral. Meanwhile, the other ASTRO members including Sanha and Jinjin were already present at the hall where Moonbin was reportedly buried in the presence of his family members. 


He, along with MJ, JinJin, Yoon Sanha, Cha Eun-woo, and former member Rocky, was one of the six original members of ASTRO. In addition, he was Moon Sua's elder brother from the K-pop girl group Billie.



11:03 IST, April 21st 2024