Published 20:47 IST, April 20th 2024

NCT Dream Renjun To Sit Out Upcoming Concert, Embark On Temporary Hiatus

NCT Dream is currently gearing up for their upcoming concert, THE DREAM SHOW 3: DREAM( )SCAPE. Renjun however, will not be participating in it.

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NCT Dream's Renjun | Image: yellow_3to3/Instagram

NCT Dream may be in for slight hiccups going forward for the time being. One of their lead dancers and primary faces, Renjun, has had to tap out of all group and solo activities for the foreseeable future. The reason behind the same, is his deteriorating mental health.

NCT Dream's Renjun to go on a temporary hiatus

SM Entertainment, the agency representing NCT Dream, took to their official X handle to share the details of and circumstances surrounding Renjun's hiatus. The primary cause for the break has been the anxiety the K-Pop stat has been grappling with. An excerpt from the translation of the statement read, "Renjun recently had a visit to the hospital due to poor health status and symptoms of anxiety. After a thorough examination, the medical professionals advised him for sufficient rest and stability. We decided that his health is our utmost priority and after careful discussion with the artist himself, we decided to solely focus on his treatment and recovery..."


The statement asserted that Renjun's hiatus was currently for an undetermined period of time, and will only be lifted once he is able to regain control over his health and well being. The translation concluded, "...Hence Renjun will not be attending any upcoming scheduled activities starting from the fansigning event today, April 20. We will release further statements regarding his resumption of activities."

Renjun will not be a part of NCT Dream's upcoming concert

NCT Dream is currently preparing for their third concert - titled, THE DREAM SHOW 3: DREAM( )SCAPE. The same, stands scheduled between May 2 to May 4. Considering Renjun's hiatus has started, dated April 20, there appears to be no chance of him participating in the upcoming concert. Incidentally, Renjun had pulled out from the group’s fan meet events in China and Japan, dated April 13 and April 14 - even prior to embarking on an official hiatus.


For the time being, the group activities will be shouldered by the remaining band members -  Mark, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, Chenle, and Jisung.


20:47 IST, April 20th 2024