Published 00:19 IST, May 23rd 2024

Producer PL Thenappan Backs Kamal Haasan Amid Uttama Villain Controversy

Producer PL Thenappan defended actor Kamal Haasan and filmmaker of Uttama Villain against allegations made by Lingusamy and Tirrupathi Brothers.

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Kamal Haasan and PL Thenappan | Image: X

Producer PL Thenappan has come forward to support Kamal Haasan amid the ongoing controversy surrounding the financial issues linked to the film Uttama Villain. Speaking at an audio launch event, Thenappan provided detailed insights into the dispute. He further defended the actor and filmmaker against allegations made by Lingusamy and Tirrupathi Brothers.

PL Thenappan backs Kamal Haasan

PL Thenappan said that currently two issues are going viral in the industry, referring to the controversies involving Kamal Haasan and the dispute between Michael Rayappan and Silambarasan. "I have made films with both heroes. With Simbu, I made Vallavan, so I have the rights to talk about the issue. With respect to the 'Uttama Villain' issue, I can speak because I was the Producers Council secretary back then," he said.

A still from Uttama Villain | Image: IMDb


Thenappan expressed his dismay over the lack of support for Kamal Haasan from the film industry. “I am just devastated that no one came forward to support such a renowned artist like Kamal Haasan Sir,” he stated. He explained the financial arrangements for Uttama Villain, noting that while Kamal Haasan signed a letter with Tirrupathi Brothers to make another film to compensate for the loss, Eros International was the actual financier. “Eros Production was the one who spent all the money to release the film, and Tirrupathi Brothers didn’t spend a paisa,” he clarified.


PL Thenappan explains the issue involving Kamal Haasan

PL Thenappan further elaborated that producer Gnanavelraja later settled the amount with Eros, making him the rightful party to question Kamal Haasan. “When I contacted him, Gnanavel said he always supports Kamal Sir,” Thenappan added, underscoring that the letter in question had been handed over to Gnanavelraja in 2015.

Uttama Villain poster | Image: IMDb



Thenappan also revealed that Kamal Haasan had given dates for a subsequent movie, but Tirrupathi Brothers were unable to secure funding. “In May 2015, Kamal Sir was ready to give dates for three months—October, November, and December. But they were not able to arrange for the funds. So, the matter was over even back then. It is unfair to talk about him now,” he concluded.

This clarification from Thenappan brings a new perspective to the Uttama Villain controversy. The film, directed by Ramesh Aravind and starring Kamal Haasan, faced significant financial difficulties upon its release, leading to legal and financial complications for those involved. Lingusamy, from Tirrupathi Brothers, had previously cited the film as a reason for his financial crisis, further fueling the controversy.


00:19 IST, May 23rd 2024